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24 December 1988
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Well ... me in a nutshell ?

My name's Sarah. Sarah Backes ... everybody calls me Backes cause I have two other friends called Sarah and Backes is unique - I know you're talking to me when you say Backes. Whether or not I respond to you depends on whether or not I like you. ^.- jk ... call and I'll answer (if I hear, of course)

I was born and raised here in the quaint little town of Newcastle on Australia's east coast. I'm the third of four children and that fact kind of drives me insane 'cause I have two older sisters, both of whom I look like (even if one is blonde - the other is brunette, like me). I constantly hear the phrase "God, you look like [insert either of my sister's names here] !" Like ... DUH ! Of course I'm going to look like my sisters (ok, I know some people don't look like their siblings, but its generic in my family) and yes, of course I'm aware of that fact since I GREW UP WITH THEM... *shakes head* It's so disappointing ... I'm not sure whether to take it as an insult to my intelligence that I wouldn't know who I looked like or whether to take it as a complement that at least they didn't THINK I was my sister[s]... my little brother (who is actually taller than me and only 18 months younger) is just a pain in my a***.

What else ?

I'm a bit of a book fanatic ... ok, 'a bit' may be an understatement, but don't get the wrong idea ... as much as I love stimulating my mind with a good book, I'm a very active kind of person. I do sport - I play netball, I snowboard whenever I can afford to go down to the snow, I like to pretend I can surf. It may only take me 14 hours to finish a 600+ page book but I can't sit down and read it without moving ... especially if its a good book - like Twilight ... I know most people, well the one's I talk to, get glued to their seats when they read a good book. I know I've got a good book when I have to get up and do a queer little jig to get rid of all the tension my excitement brings up ... so to all the authors out there (including those on fanfic) you've done well by me when I jig. I may as well tell you some of my favourite books and authors while I'm at it :
*The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer...
*Kay Scarpetta novels by Patricia Cornwell...
*Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child...
*Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy
*Kate Forsyth (go the Aussie's !)
There's a tidbit - you'd be here till Kingdom come if I don't stop 'cause the list really could go on for eons...

I love to drive. I just bought me a sexc little Mazda 2 (one of the new ones) and I love taking her out for long drives. I find it really relaxing - it calms me down and clears my head, especially when I have the window down and Muse blasting out the speakers ... ok, so they don't blast out the speakers because I value my hearing too much, but they do play rather loudly.

I enjoy writing. I've been working on a little project of mine since about ... wow - since 2000/2001 ... I hadn't realised it'd been over five years ... wow. Anywhosits ... I've been contemplating maybe posting excerpts or something just to get an idea of what people think. Maybe...

I love, love, love music. I hardly ever used to listen to it and now I'm pretty sure I'd have a hard time without it...

I like to draw maps ... and collect them - the old-world ones, I mean, like you see in Pirates of the Caribbean. Actually, when I went to America, I bought three different maps on a cruise of the Caribbean, all old-school. I love 'em. But, yeah, I like to draw them too. I can't draw anything else but I can draw maps. I've drawn about four so far for my little writing project.

I'm also a massive Dragon fanatic. My Dragon collection is second only to those in the shops, as far as I'm aware.

Moving on...

I'm currently studying full-time at Uni. I'm doing a Bachelor of Arts which basically means that I can study just about anything I want without tying myself to one career path ... which at the moment is good, 'cause I don't really know what I want to do with my life. I'm just living it as it comes at the moment. The courses I'm actually studying at the moment completely reflect my total lack of direction :
*Ancient History (involving Ceasar and the Spartans) merely because I'm interested in it ... but not to the extent that I would want to make a career out of it. It's a complete dead end and a waste of money really.
*Latin ... yes, Latin. A dead language, I know, but beautiful all the same - if a bit stupid in it's construction ... although it only seems stupid 'cause English is even worse (not that that makes any sense at all) ... but yeah. I chose to do Latin because I do calligraphy and I wanted to try my hand at some Latin calligraphy but I wanted to be able to read what I was writing ... even if no-one else could. At least it would give me some satisfaction.
*professional writing because, as I've already said, I enjoy writing ... but I've discovered not of this professional, journalist type ... I prefer the creative type of writing, really.
*french ... well, I'm half french, even if I can't speak it, so I decided to get in touch with my heritage a bit...
So ... yeah - no obvious career path there ... I don't think one is even hinted at.

I'm working part time at McDonalds, currently doing a folder that'll see me through to management, but I'm not exactly sure if that's what I want. I mean, the semi-better money is completely outweighed by the absolutely shyte work hours. But hey - they're willing to pay for me to do this course and pay me while I'm doing it, so I guess I can't really complain. Well, I could, but that just wouldn't be fair.

So yeah ... I think I've run out of things to talk/blog/write about...

Friend me and we can be ... well - friends.

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